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Clarks VX852C Deore M615 Disc Pads

Clarks VX852C Deore M615 Disc Pads

VX - ORGANIC FOR THE ENTHUSIAST: Specifically designed to give the best performance under normal conditions. The organic compound gives improved noise reduction as well as increased ‘bite’ in general use. Recommended for use with Mechanical Systems.

VRX - SINTERED FOR TRAIL, COMPETITION & DOWNHILLING: With increased Carbon content sintered pads are designed to deliver maximum performance under extreme conditions and during sustained riding. Recommended for use with Hydraulic Systems.

VRS - ELITE FOR COMPETITION: Kevlar Competition Use Reinforced to increase the frictional properties. Ceramic properties to improve co efficiency in the wet. Copper to maintain braking characteristics at low and high speeds. Back plate Design improves heat dissipation and weight reduction. As a result durability is improved and gives over 35% better performance than a standard pad.  

Brand Compatible:

Clarks M1
Clarks M2 (Serial No. L)
Clarks M3
Clarks CHM-8
Clarks CMD-22
Clarks CMD-22FM
Shimano Deore M615
Shimano Deore XT
Shimano XT M785
Shimano XTR
Shimano XTR M965
Shimano XTR M975
Shimano XTR M985
Shimano XTR M988
Shimano New XTR
Shimano R785
Shimano SLX
Shimano SLX M666
Shimano SLX M675
Shimano S700
Shimano S700 Alfine
Shimano Alfine
Shimano BR-M9000
Shimano BR-M9020
Shimano BR-M987
Shimano BR-M985
Shimano BR-M8100
Shimano BR-8000
Shimano BR-M7100
Shimano BR-M7000
Shimano BR-M666
Shimano BR-6000
Shimano BR-S7000
Shimano BR-S700
Shimano BR-CX77
Shimano BR-RS785
Shimano BR-785
Shimano BR-RS17
Shimano BR-R317

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