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Inner Tube Disposal

Inner Tube Disposal

Cycling is a superb sport, great for fitness and superb for the environment.

BUT, there is a literal black mark against cycling. In the UK, over 9,300 tonnes of tyres and inner tubes go to landfill, each and every year - THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE.

The cycling industry is not being complacent. Retailers, service engineers, hire schemes and third sector groups are all working together to bring an end to the scrapping of tyres and inner tubes, once and for all.

Velorim has been set up to manage the collection and recycling of inner tubes and tyres on a national basis.

You simply need to take your tyres and tubes to your local Velorim Centre where, for a small contribution, they will be disposed of ecologically.

Cycling should be the greenest, most ecologically friendly mode of transport, let’s work together to make this so.

Velorim, making cycling green

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